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Boosting Email Open Rates

Boosting Email Open Rates

Email still the best way to communicate with people

Hands down email is the king of correspondence. When was the last time you changed your email address? Exactly. I’ve had my yahoo email account for almost 20 years.

First, you need emails. Here is a great article by Neil Patel, that will give you good ideas on how to get

Email remains the king of correspondence. When was the last time you changed your email… Click To Tweet

and grow your email list.

Next, is getting people to open your email. If you’re emailing your family, friends or colleagues no problem but what about a potential customer?

The article below provides really good guidance that will help you get people to open your emails. (excerpts below)

Email is a great tool to use to engage with your audience. Assuming that you don’t have to buy a database to find out who they are (this can open up a world of pain, it’s a subject for another day!), it is a great opportunity to get your […]

Subject line: The one element which has the most impact on the open rate of your emails will be the subject line. This needs to be enticing enough for the user to open the email, so it is a good place to personalize (with either their name or if it is time for the recipient to renew/upgrade your product), summarize your offer and grab the recipient’s attention.

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What Is My Purpose?

What Is My Purpose?

This is a Good Friday-Eve Random Read. I know my purpose. Do you know yours?


Knowing your purpose will immediately tell you if what you're doing is what you should be… Click To Tweet
  • Knowing your why explains how brands like Apple and personal brands like Martin Luther King stand out as different.
    They stand for something meaningful and we love them for it.
  • The thing is, if you want to really have a massive impact, to inspire as many people as possible, you are going to have to find your purpose to fire you up, create clarity and give you the direction to promote and market your passion.

What Is My Purpose?


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Six Tips for Creating a Winning Content Strategy

Six Tips for Creating a Winning Content Strategy

  • Having a content strategy is crucial for small business. Many small business owners think “Content Marketing” is something that requires a delegation of Stanford graduates writing content for their business. Really? I tell business owners, you’re the business owner, right? You know your business better than anyone. Step up to the plate and just write.
  • You need content marketing. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own. Landscaping, Hair Salon, Donut Shop, Day Care Center, etc. It doesn’t matter content marketing is for every business large or small.
  • The following blog post provides good information and should be read if you’re thinking about starting a content marketing campaign.


When we say “content marketing,” people automatically think blog posts, but this is only a facet of content. E-books, videos, social media, infographics, webinars, case studies, even memes can be part of your content strategy. If you’re posting blogs week after week and failing to gain traction, consider branching out.

Congratulations are in order if you’re beginning your content strategy! You’ve made the first important step in developing thought leadership, increased traffic, and return on investment. The world of content marketing can be daunting, but it’s a rewarding one, literally and figuratively. In today’s marketplace, it’s also vital to […]

Source: Christie Moll

The Best Social Media Marketing Chrome Extensions

The Best Social Media Marketing Chrome Extensions

I love Google Chrome. I use Chrome all the time so this article hit the spot for me and wanted to share my thoughts on one of the extensions mentioned in the article because we use it all the time. “TwitShot”, is awesome and will increase engagement with your twitter followers. I know because since we’ve been using it (about 2 months) our twitter engagement on 5 different accounts has increased 125%. It doesn’t matter if you have a twitter account with a 100 followers or 100,000 followers TwitShot will increase engagement. The bottom-line is that if you want more people to click on your links use Twitshot. Why does it work? Because people like big beautiful pictures that’s why! The extension is so easy to use just populate the tweet box within TwitShot with your text, add a link and TwitShot automatically pulls the image from the article or web page and publishes it with your tweet.

Never mentioned the other extensions because they seemed boring and useless. That’s not to say that they wouldn’t be useful to you.

We read much of what Business 2 Community publishes because they publish so many articles that they can’t help but publish a few articles that are valuable and apply to our customers and potential customers. At Unreal Box we target startups and small businesses like landscapers, dry cleaners, donut shops, hair salons, restaurants, limousine services, blogs, you get the idea. Many of Business 2 Community’s articles provide helpful tips and guides for startups and small businesses similar to what our customer base is made up of. That’s why in the past we’ve shared dozens of blog post with our customers on twitter and Tumblr.

Twitshot is a simple but effective tool that extracts images from a link and attaches them to your Tweet. The image will then show alongside your Tweets, as opposed to an auto-generated preview.

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Well Informed Consumer Equals a Paying Customer

well informed consumers

What is a Well Informed Consumer?

A well informed consumer is a consumer that has all the information they need to make a decision whether or not they are going to buy from you. On the flip side a poorly informed consumer has no chance of buying from you. When you attract someone to your website you only have a few seconds to meet that visitors needs. (maybe 20 seconds) So the information they need to make their purchasing decision must be immediately visible, and popping out at the visitor. Sounds simple enough but it isn’t. 100% of the small business websites that we have redesigned over the past 4 years don’t even come close to providing consumers the information they need to make an educated purchase. The same can be said for the majority of the small business websites across the internet right now.

A well informed consumer has the information they need to buy, a poorly informed consumer will not even consider your business.

So What Information do Consumers Need?

It depends on the type of business you own. If you operate a landscape company consumers visiting your website will want to know service area, whether or not you do weekly, monthly or bi-weekly service, a complete list of services you provide, experience, are you insured or bonded. Most of all your phone number must be clearly visible (in large font). Another example is if you own a restaurant in Mesa, Arizona it is absolutely crucial that people know where you’re located (Google Map), hours of operation and special offers. Then having the most popular items on your menu popping out at the visitor to your website with a gigantic call to action (button) for them to click to your full menu. I hope these examples give you a good idea of what type of information you need on your website to turn website visitors into well informed consumers. That’s the first step in the purchasing process for all consumers and all types of businesses. Below is a great example of a website that provides their visitors the purchasing criteria they’re looking for.

actual website sample of well informed design

The website used in the example above receives between 50 to 130 calls every month. Two factors contribute these awesome numbers, first the website is attracting the right consumer, i.e. people searching for landscape services in a specific area. It’s important to expand on the first factor. This means that we designed their website to attract people in a specified local area only. For local businesses it is crucial to optimize your website to attract consumers in a specific local area. Using the example above we optimized their website to target people searching for commercial or residential landscape maintenance in the East Valley of Arizona only. To find why and how local targeting will work for your business call us at 480-389-6770 or message us. The second factor is purchasing criteria. Basically, when someone visits your website they need to have all the information they need to make purchase in just a few seconds. At Unreal Box we are experts in identifying consumer purchasing criteria no matter what type of business you operate. We know what they need to buy.

To get you thinking in the right direction just think about you look for when you use the internet to make a purchase. You already know what you want and have already made up your mind about your purchasing criteria. It’s not really complicated but it is hard to make work when it comes to online marketing. If you want to people to start finding your business online, then converting those consumers to paying customers call us at 480-389-6770 or visit our main site for more information at anytime. What we do works for hundreds of small businesses nationwide and will work for you too.

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Local SEO Service Helps Arizona Business Grow

local seo services by

Local SEO service helped Arizona Trash Removal Services secure new paying customers every month. If anyone is searching for trash removal services area in the East Valley of Arizona (specifically Mesa), Arizona Trash Removal Services will show up at the top of the list on all search engines. (Google, Yahoo, Bing) Now, they receive between 10 to 20 calls a week directly from search results and 5 to 15 completed lead forms. Results like these are not the result of local seo services alone but SEO is the key tool that generates great search results. Ultimately, the goal of any internet marketing campaign is Attracting and Converting. Attracting is getting consumers to find your business and converting is getting them to call or fill out a form on your website. Closing the deal is then left in the hands of yourself or your sales team. At Unreal Box, our small business customers get a package deal, everything is built into our services. If you need a website, Local SEO service is included. If you contacting us for SEO services, a redesign of your website is included. It’s not possible to have one without the other and expect good results.

Call us 480-389-6770 for more information and do what hundreds of small businesses have done…GET FOUND!

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Purchasing Criteria not Secrets or Systems to Get Customers

Purchasing criteria is the key to more customers

The Lie

There are no secrets to online marketing. No special tricks you or anyone else can do that will turn your small business into a multi-billion dollar corporation over-night. The web is loaded with clowns that make the “secret” claim. For example; “here are the top 3 secrets to get more web traffic” or “the top 5 facebook secrets to explode your income” or “get the secret to converting your visitors to leads in just two weeks”. Just to name a few. It’s all crap! No one has a special recipe to success online or we would know. So many of our customers have fallen for the hype and lies by so many making these insane claims. Please don’t fall for the catchy headlines and enticing videos making it sound so easy and effortless. THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS! Being successful at anything takes hard-work and a long term commitment and that’s definitely NO different for online marketing. So please, please don’t fall for the hype.

The Truth

The truth is simple and may not be popular but here it is. It may and most likely will take several months before your online marketing campaign can claim any likeness of success. We tell our customers it will take a minimum of 4 months to see a true mark of success. Here’s an example of online marketing success “incoming calls to your business increase from 5 to 15 per week”. Just for clarification at Unreal Box we consider a successful online marketing campaign when people are contacting your businesses to discuss your product or service or when consumers contact your business to buy. We are not interested in page rank, how many people visit your website or how many people follow you or your business on social media. Our top priority is helping you to secure paying customers.

So…How Do You Succeed Online?

By knowing what your target consumer needs (purchasing criteria) to purchase your product or service, and make that information clear and easily available. It really isn’t to complicated. Let’s use the real the world as an example…

It’s Saturday, your driving around and you decide you want to get _______________ . Your can fill in the blank! You pull out your phone and you do a search and from the first page of search results you click on the listing that closely fits your criteria. When you get to the website you find everything you need to make your decision whether to buy or not.

On the other hand… You click on another listing that has similar criteria in their “title” and “description”. But when you click on that listing the business has very little information needed to make decision whether or not to purchase.

Which business are your calling?

This is the process all consumers will go through when looking for a local product or service. Just think about what you look for when you’re looking for a local product or service? The purchasing criteria may change (a little) based on the type of business but all consumers need specific criteria before they even consider making a purchase. If that criteria is not present on your website or other online listings, don’t expect people to contact your business. Below is a list of “purchasing criteria” that 99.9% of consumers will need to help them make decision whether or not to buy from you;

  • Price
  • Clear Description of Product or Service
  • Phone Number!!!
  • Delivery process (if needed)
  • Payment Methods (credit card, financing, etc)
  • Guarantee
  • Warranty
  • Service Area
  • Hours of Operation
  • Location and Directions
  • Support (email, phone number)
  • Return Policy
  • Special Offers

The items above should be no-brainers but most small businesses don’t even have their phone number where a visitor can easily find it. Purchasing Criteria MUST be on the home page of your small business website, and in every other place your business is listed on the web like Facebook, Yelp, and of course Google My Business. This is called content, and content is king. It doesn’t matter what your business offers by providing your target consumers specific purchasing criteria you make it easier for consumers to buy from you.

If you want more customers than you need to provide the right purchasing criteria. If you’re a small business owner and need help identifying the purchasing criteria for your small business and how to integrate that information into your website than call us at 480-389-6770.



Stop Worrying About Your Business Card…Please

Stop worrying about your business cards and promote

So many of our customers spend to much time on their business cards. (brochures, pamphlets, etc) I take a dozen calls and emails each week from our customers about business cards. Why? Your business name, phone number, email and website is all you need. I tell customers customers of course you need a business card but you should spend no more than 10 minutes on your business card. For a startup or a new business the focus must be on content and promotion. Your content is what will get you paying customers! Get a few customers than you can start handing out that fancy business card.

If you need more customers call us at 480-389-6770 or visit our website and get started for free. is a tiny web design and internet marketing company in Mesa, Arizona. If you need more customers we can help! Call 480-389-6770.


Ten On-Page SEO Task to Improve Local Search Rank

10 SEO task you must do to improve your local search rank

SEO is absolutely necessary in order for your small business to rank high in local search results. Unreal Box has been providing SEO services for several years now and our customers have seen very good results. About 80% of our customers show up on the first page of local search results. Below is a list of 10 SEO task that we do for our customers and we highly recommend you do for your small business.

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  1. Have great “Title Tags” for each web page  – Your title tag is one of the most important on-page SEO components next to your content. Your title tag is used in search results, and will show up in search results. Have the keyword or keywords
  2. Place your full street address in your page header. Having your business address helps to localize your web page/website.
  3. Place a link to a Google Map with directions to your business.
  4. Have great “<H1> Tags” – A great <H1> tag describes and highlights the content on the page. We recommend having your keyword or key phrase in you <H1> tag. Use one <H1> tag per page a make sure it is near the top of your page.
  5. Optimize your images – The use of images on your website is necessary, using them correctly is required for SEO purposes. First, optimize the image size by using free image optimizing tools like Image Optimizer to optimize load time. Next, correctly name your image file; do not upload DCM015.jpg. Instead use tallest-tree-house-in-indiana.jpg. Lastly, use the alt text to clearly define each image.
  6. Clearly written Meta Tag – Your Meta Tag usually shows up in search results under your title tag. Your meta tag should be written like an advertisement! A meta tag should be unique to each web page.
  7. Add a Google Badge to your Footer. Having a Google Badge on your web page links your website to your Google Business account and helps to link your page into search results. First things first if you need Google My Business Account. Next you need to create your Google Badge and copy the code and add it to your footer area.
  8. Great and Unique Content – They say “content is king”, and when it comes to SEO it is THE KING. Without great content what do you have? Nothing. The content on each web page must be compelling, useful, easy to read, unique, and something visitors will feel good about sharing. Interesting and helpful content makes it linkable. When it comes to your content you will not get it right the first time, no one does. Trial and error must be applied.
  9. Your Domain Name – Your domain name is hugely important to local search engine ranking! We recommend you consider 2 things when choosing a domain name. 1. Try to create a domain name that contains your top keyword. 2. Choose a domain name that describes what your business does. 3. GEO tag your domain. (example: “”)
  10. Identify and Use Unique Keywords and Key Phrases – Keywords always have been important to SEO and always will be. How else do people search for things on the web but with words? Keep it simple… If your business removes trash from residential and commercial properties than a good keyword or key phrase would be trash removal or trash removal services. It’s best to apply your keyword and key phrase naturally across your web pages. More isn’t better.

If you have any questions please comment below.

Thank you. Go Business…

SEO Services Get the Truth

The truth about seo services by

All companies offering SEO services operate off the same information provided by search engines like Google and Bing. These search engines and directories provide guidelines and best practices to help small business websites rank higher in search results. Without their guidelines SEO companies would have no clue what to do. Another words you can’t make it up. There are NO special secrets or tricks to increase page rank, anyone telling you different is not telling you the truth about SEO. Having said that, getting SEO to work is very hard to get right, and requires trial and error. There are NO over-night success stories; typically you will see a small business website move toward the first page in 2 to 4 months.

Unreal Box has been providing SEO services for a little over 2 years now, and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. Here are several SEO tips that have worked for us and our small business customers. We highly recommend you start by reading Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Guide”. is located in Mesa, Arizona. If you have questions about our SEO services don’t hesitate to call us at 480-389-6770.